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I decided to use leatherette because of unbearable feel arising during the materials search, what I could use were the left over material then surprise was created
, it echoes my design, and hope it also echoes your character…
In a very initial attempt, I would like to echo my art, to make a product happen An artistic product doesn’t only involve design or art, it is more about supplier and producer’s support, once again I appreciate those who accommodate to our demand, as a result, they smile while they were making my wallet and they heard my voice: “I believe you can make it and everything we create is going to be the unique wallet in the world.”
I want something users smiles and the stunning eye contact from people around you, then they would like to know about Connie Luisa’s- surprise and taste that created by an artist.

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Connie Luisa’s
All you should know about Connie Luisa’s is the difference—how art turn into an item on your body and at your home by simply an artist….and I will try to go on in my rest of life.
4F, 70, lane 67, Linsen North Road Taipei, Taiwan

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